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Our Story

In 2021 the PROTTEAA brand was born, later changed to PROT-OFFICIAL in 2023 founded by Ayushi Jindal .

From her childhood she had a dream of becoming a fashion stylist & a designer. Since her early days she was influenced by the corporate world around her and decided to make outfits that elevated the sense of formal and semi formal dressing. The first drawings created by Ayushi from her home gave birth to a small collection of Pant Suits, Shirts & Dresses. The vision was clear to design well-fitted garments using high quality fabrics that would enhance
the vision of being an elevated version of a woman.

From the very beginning, PROT-OFFICIAL had a goal to reach an international wingspan, while staying true to the DNA and principles. Everything we do, we do with passion, love and heart. We are a small but focused organization and we value the relationship between the people involved.

The PROT-OFFICIAL philosophy

When it comes to design, fit, and the little twist, this is what makes PROT-OFFICIAL unique. It goes for all outfits we make. It goes for people
and it goes for our entire organization.

We believe it is very essential to put your heart into everything you do. We strive to be the best, in every way. To make sure every garment is perfect, we always twist and turn it. It is essential for us to be known for our passion and for not compromising.


We keep our feet steadily planted on the ground. Remembering who we are and where we came from, makes us very humble. We are a fast-growing organization, with busy schedules, and we know the importance of constantly having to innovate ourselves. Laying back and letting success get the best of us is not in our DNA. Hard work and the element of surprise is one of our
strongest qualities. We deliver more than people expect – beautiful, high quality collections, always made with a twist.

No matter how fast the PROT-OFFICIAL wagon is going, we stay true to our DNA and humble principles.

Contact us

We love to talk. Drop in a message and let us know what PROT-OFFICIAL can do for you.

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